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Van Gogh Museum opening hours 2024

Van Gogh Museum Opening Hours | Although he sold only one work during his lifetime, the painter Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous and popular artists ever. Everyone is now familiar with the dense, visible brushstrokes and bright, radiant colors of his paintings.

Heartbroken, searching for meaning, and overflowing with emotion, the Dutch painter captured his immediate surroundings in countless paintings and drawings. The neo-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh continues to influence painting today. The significance of his art is of priceless cultural value.

Important information in advance: Tickets can only be purchased online. There are no box offices.

✅ Here, you can buy tickets for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the world’s most extensive collection of his paintings. You should plan a visit during your city trip to the canal city.

Van Gogh Museum opening hours

Here are all the details about the opening hours of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam:

January till December9:00 - 17:00Open daily All year round

Opening hours on holidays

Opening hours on holidays

The van Gogh Museum is open all year round. This also applies to Christmas, New Year, Easter, and King’s Day on April 27, the national holiday of the Netherlands. However, many of Amsterdam’s attractions are closed or do not take place on this day, such as the canal rides.

Last admission to the museum

The last admission is always 30 minutes before the museum closes. Visitors without a pre-booked online ticket may have to expect long waits at the ticket counters. When visiting the museum, be sure to plan for this or purchase tickets online in advance.

Waiting times

The van Gogh Museum is one of the top attractions of Amsterdam, as well as the Rijksmuseum, the Heineken Experience or the canal cruises. The exhibition of van Gogh’s works is unique and visitors from all over the world flock to Amsterdam all year round to see his paintings.

Since the number of visitors admitted to the museum simultaneously is limited, there are naturally long waiting times.

To solve this problem, from 2023, it will only be possible to buy online tickets for the museum. The issue of long queues has thus been reduced, and the flow of visitors to the museum is now more fluid.

So remember to book your tickets in advance!

Best time to visit the museum

Best time to visit the museum

Assuming that the high number of day tourists, bus tours, and recently many cruisers arrive late in the morning and leave in the afternoon, you should avoid visiting between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is also the official recommendation of the museum.

Best day of the week for the tour

In itself, the museum is always busy. Bus tours, cruisers, and school classes during the week; day-trippers, day-trippers, and weekenders on Saturday and Sunday. There is little choice for a quiet visit, except at the times mentioned above.

Best season for visiting

Rarely does the flow of visitors to the museum ebb. March to June and October and September are classic months for city breaks. In summer, many vacationers spend their vacations in Holland, in the pretty towns near Amsterdam, and on the nearby beaches of the North Sea.

There, the day trip to Amsterdam with a canal trip and a visit to the museum is standard. So only November and the period from January to March remain for a somewhat more leisurely stay in the museum. Also in the pre-Christmas period and until the end of the year the crowd is very dense!

Duration of stay in the museum

Duration of stay in the museum

According to the museum, visitors spend an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes in the exhibition rooms. For those interested in art, the length of stay in the van Gogh Museum is more like 2 to 3 hours—enough time for at least two of his masterpieces.

Vincent van Gogh’s talent was to capture on canvas the inner spirit of the people he portrayed and the things that surrounded him. The juicy yellow sunflowers are objects of his most famous paintings, which Vincent painted repeatedly in different variations. The painting Yellow sunflowers from 1889 is one of the highlights of the museum visit.

Shortly before his death, he created The Bedroom, a personal interpretation of his intimate living environment. Painted in 1888, it is also one of the highlights of the museum collection. Through solid colors, he tried to distinguish himself from the pastel palette of his fellow Impressionist painters.

Memories of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands in 1830. He was the second of six children and named after his deceased brother. His parents were very religious. Even in childhood, little Vincent is considered melancholic and ill-tempered. He completed his professional training in Paris in an art shop. Although he was successful as an art dealer for years, he became increasingly depressed and, therefore, turned to Christianity. Following in the footsteps of his father, who was a priest, Vincent also decided to become a clergyman.

Vincent left the big city and began a life as a poor preacher in Belgium. In 1880, at 27, he turned to painting for the first time, returning to his homeland and teaching himself to draw. Vincent was restless and suffered from mental instability. After many moves to Antwerp and Paris, he lived the last two years in Arles in southern France. His psychotic disorders steadily worsened; despite his depression, Vincent was highly productive at the time. As a result of a suicide attempt, he died of a gunshot wound on July 29, 1890. He was only 37 years old.

Entrance fees for the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh MuseumPrices*Online Tickets
Adults (age 18+)24.00 €Book Online
Adults (age 18+)
With Audioguide
25.75 €Book Online
Children (Age <17)FreeBook Online
Van Gogh Museum & Canal Cruise
31.50 €Book Online
Guided Tour of the Museum80.00 €Book Online

Persons under 18 years have free entrance to the museum. However, you must book a ticket and show it at the entrance. The purchase of this ticket is free but should also be done online in advance. Audio guides can be booked or purchased directly at the museum.

How to get to the Van Gogh Museum?

Address: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 20 5705200
Directions: Tram 2, 3, 5 & 12, get off at the Van Baerlestraat stop.
Parking: Next to the museum, Q-Park, Van Baerlestraat 33b – or here via Mobypark

The van Gogh Museum is only about 400 meters from the world-famous Rijksmuseum, so all routes to get there are also possible. For more information, see Rijksmuseum.

Ticket holders for the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour can also get on and off at the Museum District.

Notes about the museum

Notes about the museum

Everything you need to know about visiting the museum can be found on the Van Gogh Museum Visit page.

More detailed information about waiting times, tickets, and admission prices are available on the Van Gogh Museum Admission Prices page.

Nearby points of interest include Rijksmuseum and Heineken Experience. To plan or combine multiple visits on the same day, here are the opening hours for the Rijksmuseum and the Heineken Experience.


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