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Heineken Experience opening hours 2024

What are the opening hours of the Heineken Experience? The disused Heineken brewery in De Pijp, a neighbourhood in the south of Amsterdam, is one of the top five attractions in the Dutch capital. The worthwhile attraction is housed in the oldest brewery of the Heineken empire in the middle of the metropolis.

✅ Here you can get the all-important tickets in advance, which by the way are only sold online!

Visitors learn exciting facts about the history of the Heineken family, where the logo originated, and how the beer brewing process works. Beer fans can experience and observe the process, from the water to the filled bottle. During the tour through the four floors, various Heineken advertisements from all over the world are shown, and there is the opportunity to accompany a bottle of Heineken beer on its journey through life.

Opening hours of the Heineken Experience

Heineken ExperienceOpening timeLast admission
Monday - Sunday10:30 till 21:0018:45

On December 24 and 31, the opening hours are unchanged, but changes are possible anytime.

This tour is not allowed for visitors under 18, even if an adult accompanies them. Dutch legislation states that underage visitors are not allowed to drink alcohol. At this time, admission is only permitted for persons 18 or older.

What time is the last admission?

The last admission is always at least 2 hours before closing. You can, therefore, visit the Heineken Experience until late afternoon or early evening. Two hours are then sufficient to drink your freshly tapped beer in peace.

Opening hours during the holidays

Opening hours during the holidays

The attraction is open 365 days a year. This also applies to Christmas, New Year, Easter, and April 27, the national holidays in the Netherlands. Only on Christmas Eve, December 24, and New Year’s Eve, December 31, restrictions are possible.

Best time for the tour

Since many visitors are sure to look forward to the fresh free beers at the end of the tour, you have to expect increased crowds in the afternoon or evening. There is, of course, no compulsory drinking, so for visitors, the hours after the opening at 10:30 may be more suitable for a quieter tour.

Best day of the week for the tour

As evident from the opening hours, visitor interest tends to be in the late afternoon or evening. The Heineken Experience is open from Monday to Sunday, all year round, until 9:00 p.m. However, you should attend the last admission at 18:45. Attention: You must have a pre-booked online ticket to be admitted. So reserve tickets early and miss the previous entrance!

Best season for visiting

According to the brewery, most visitors come in the summer months, with a focus on July and August. Then, the city travelers and day visitors are joined by many vacationers from the nearby vacation areas on the North Sea. Of course, a freshly tapped and excellent Heineken beer tastes better on a summer day than in winter.

Waiting times

Waiting times at Heineken Experience

Amsterdam offers a unique brewery tour with the Heineken Experience. Paris, London, Vienna, and Rome have nothing comparable.

It is advisable to plan at least two to three hours for the exploration tour because the waiting times are long. After all, the term extends over four floors, and sufficient time should be planned for the tasting. If you also have to consider the time for the last admission, then the early reservation for a ticket without queuing is almost inevitable anyway!

✅ Tickets for the Heineken Experience for a specific date and time can be booked directly on this page or as combination tickets in conjunction with various attractions, e.g., a canal cruise, on the Admission Prices page.

Buy tickets online

Annual attendance is well over 1 million, so to avoid waiting signs, visitors must purchase online tickets in advance.

Those who book an online ticket in advance for a specific date and time will have direct access to the Heineken Experience at the specified time without waiting.

Admission prices for the Heineken Experience

Heineken ExperiencePrice*Book Online
Adults (age 18+)23.00 €Book Online
Heineken Experience
VIP Tour Ticket
59.50 €Book Online
Teenagers < 18Not allowed

* The current prices of the supplier always apply. The entrance prices for the Heineken Experience are the same everywhere. In these articles, there are more suggestions about possible entrance prices and still a lot of information about the brewery tour.

Persons under 18 are currently not admitted to the Heineken Experience and cannot participate in the tour when accompanied by an adult.

Sightseeing tour information

Sightseeing tour information

During a tour, beer fans can admire various fermentation tanks and marvel at a fermentation tank with a capacity of one million glasses of beer. The historic machines are also awe-inspiring, as are the considerable malt silos. The discovery tour leads past historic stables with horses and is characterised by an interactive experience. The intention behind this is that visitors find themselves in a brewing kettle and experience the process of brewing beer as beer.

Thanks to unique attractions, visiting this interactive museum will be an eventful and fun-filled excursion. If you want to feel like a bottle of Heineken beer, you can take a simulated ride in a historic brewery wagon pulled by Shire Horses through the Dutch capital.

During the self-determined interactive journeys, visitors not only learn about the history of the Heineken company but also about the four natural ingredients of Heineken beer. The brewing process can be experienced interactively and is a real highlight. Visitors also learn about the company as a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, Formula 1, and the Rugby World Cup.

At the end, there will be a free tasting of two glasses of Heineken beer in a unique tasting room or, if the weather is nice, on the roof terrace.

Lage und Anfahrt

This attraction is very popular with visitors from all over the world and should be on the must-see program during a city trip to the Dutch capital. Visitors can tour the original Heineken brewery at Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE, Amsterdam, and learn all about this Dutch beer, one of the best and most famous three varieties in the world.

The stops Stadthouderskade for Tram lines 16 & 24 and Weteringcircuit for Tram lines 7 & 10 are directly near the exhibition site.

Drivers are best off parking in the Heinekenplein parking garage at Eerste van der Helststraat 6, 1072 NV Amsterdam, or check Mobypark.

✅ If you want to combine your Heineken Experience with the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, which are about a 10-15 minute walk away, you can find the opening hours for the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum directly here.

Why is the Heineken Experience worth it?

Why is the Heineken Experience worth it?

The interactive museum reveals both its traditions and its craftsmanship, which distinguish one of the most famous beer labels in the world.

After the tour, visitors can participate in a complimentary tasting and end the eventful excursion with a Heineken beer. The expert animators provide information about basics, such as the colour of Heineken beer and the fact that the beer crown protects the drink.

This attraction manages to reach, fascinate, and amuse visitors thanks to high-quality marketing concepts. Whether with friends, the adult family, or alone, the visit is worthwhile. Those interested are taught about every facet of beer brewing vividly. The former Heineken brewery combines the past with the present and is interesting not only for thirsty throats. The self-guided tour is attractive, impressive, and varied.

Anyone who likes beer and has always wanted to observe how beer is brewed should take advantage of a visit to this museum of a different kind. The light show is one of the highlights, and visitors can also look forward to tasting the two free Heineken.

✅ ExtraTip: If that’s not enough and you have time on the weekend, book a ticket for the Braubus Amsterdam with three stops at various small breweries.


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