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Visit Heineken Experience: Overview & Info

Amsterdam, the capital and largest city in the Netherlands, is a top-rated tourist destination. Among the most popular attractions are the canals lined with picturesque gabled houses, the romantic cafes, and the countless museums.

Shopping tours and various markets are also addressed here. The infamous red light district and coffee shops join the most famous sights. The Heineken Experience tickets are also one of the main attractions during a visit to Amsterdam.

The tour of the Heineken Experience

The tour of the Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience offers plenty to see, learn, marvel at, and try out. There are three different significant stations: the history, the brewing process, and the sponsors. First, you learn a lot of information about the brewery’s history. In the historical section, you can see, among other things, the different logo variations, different beer bottles, and other exhibits.

With a leap towards the present, beer production is explained next. One learns what ingredients a beer has and how the brewing process works. During the explanation of beer production, you can also taste a mixture of water and barley, called “word” in English. At some stations, you can also feel the work of a master brewer.

After that, you pass the old stables to a show where you experience the brewing process as the beer in a simulation. Next, you get free beer and learn to tap and drink it properly. This is followed by Heineken’s sponsorship deals with interactive stations. There’s a football table, karaoke stations, a photo booth, and more. Finally, you can get two free beers at a bar with the chips on the wristband you get when you buy your ticket. You can then decide whether to enjoy your free beer at the bar or visit the roof terrace with its fantastic view.

The sightseeing tour

The sightseeing tour

The tour of the Heineken Experience lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The length of the stay thus depends on how long one stays, for example, in the amusement section or at the bar. But on average, visitors stay about 1.5 hours. Those areas where the history is explained or only small groups are allowed are accompanied by a guide.

These include, for example, beer tapping or the simulator The Brew You Ride. The guides also explain some information about the brewery, answer questions, and regulate a process as organized as possible. You can stay as long as you like in the interactive areas and try the various stations.

Entrance fees to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

Entrance fees to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

There is a lot to see and do in Amsterdam. There are always long queues in front of all the popular attractions in the city. That’s why you can only buy tickets online. You determine the date and time for the visit and can thus better plan their Amsterdam trip. Tickets are not sold on-site!

Heineken ExperiencePrice*Book Online
Adults (age 18+)23.00 €Book Online
Heineken Experience
VIP Tour Ticket
59.50 €Book Online
Teenagers < 18Not allowed

Opposite the Heineken Experience (Stadhouderskade 78), the boat for the combo ticket Heineken Museum & Canal Cruise Amsterdam also has a mooring. Departure every 30 minutes from 9:00 to 18:00. The Heineken Experience date and time must be selected. The same applies to the canal tour.

Book Heineken Experience & Canal Cruise

Further suggestions for combination tickets for the Heineken Experience can also be found on the separate page of the Heineken Experience admission prices.

Heineken Experience opening hours

Heineken Experience opening hours

The Heineken Experience has the following opening hours:

  • Monday – Sunday 10:30 h – 21:00 h (last admission: 6:45 p.m.)

The brewery is open 365 days a year. On 24.12. and 31.12. the opening hours can be slightly adjusted.

In July and August and on weekends the opening hours are the same as on weekdays.

Here you can find more information about the opening hours.

Waiting times at the Heineken Experience

Waiting times at the Heineken Experience

Booking a ticket in advance is necessary to avoid longer waiting times for the Heineken Experience. This means there are no longer queues for access, and you can start visiting the brewery immediately. At peak times, however, there may be short waits between the individual guided areas, for example, at the beer production simulator or at the star-shaped bar where you learn how to drink beer. However, the waiting times here are only about 10 minutes.

As with many other major attractions in Amsterdam, you can expect high ticket demand on Saturdays, holidays, and almost all year round. So remember to book tickets online in advance!

The history of the Heineken Brewery

The history of the Heineken Brewery

Gerard Adriaan Heineken, a young Dutch entrepreneur, discovered his passion for brewing beer in 1868. He had a building constructed on a plot of land in the middle of Amsterdam to be used as a brewery, where the Heineken Experience still stands today. After some tinkering to perfect his brewing recipe, Heineken soon became one of the first premium export beers in all of Holland. For the Heineken Brewery, the beer’s success lies in its natural ingredients: Water, hops, barley malt, and yeast.

The yeast creates the exceptionally full-bodied and slightly spicy taste that has characterized Heineken since the 19th century and makes it stand out against other beers. The cycle to brew the perfect Heineken takes 28 days. That’s longer than is customary, but quality and taste have always been Heineken’s focus. Then, in 1988, the brewery was briefly closed because demand was too high for the small brewery’s capacity, so the building was eventually used as a tourist attraction later in 1991. Here, similar to a museum, one could learn about the history and brewing process. The production of the beer was now moved to the south of Holland.

2008, the building was renovated, and the museum became the Heineken Experience. But the disused stables and the imposing beer kettles can still be admired today. About 25 million glasses of Heineken are drunk daily and served in nearly 192 countries. This makes Heineken a multinational company and even one of the largest beer producers in the world. In the disused brewery where Heineken began, you can now visit the Heineken Experience and experience the history of beer with interactive attractions. Here, you can now observe the creation and brewing process, some sponsors, and much more in this world of experience.

Practical hints

Practical hints

The entire building is barrier-free and accessible to wheelchairs. Only one area isn’t accessible for wheelchair users (the stables), so it needs to be accessed via a lift. The staff member will accompany the person.

There is a free coat check at the Heineken Experience to keep your hands free during the tour.

Admission for young people is not allowed even when accompanied by adults. This also applies to small children.

Alcohol is permitted in the Netherlands from the age of 18.

The guided areas are held in English.

There is also a phone number for the Heineken Experience, which is especially interesting for visitors interested in meetings or events. Tel.: +31 (0) 20 721 5300

Two free drinks at the end of the tour

Two free drinks at the end of the tour

After this interactive tour of the famous building, the visitor is offered a free beer tasting to share with adult family or friends. This convivial moment of sharing takes place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Each visitor can taste two glasses of beer while in this historic place of the Heineken brand.

The brand with the red star consists of 90% water, hops, barley malt, and malt and will satisfy every beer lover.

Souvenirs as a memory

Souvenirs as a memory

After the tasting, visitors can go to the Heineken store, where they can choose souvenirs from their visit to the Heineken experience.

The items are numerous and varied: clothing, accessories, etc.. If you do not have space in your suitcases, the online store offers the possibility to order the same souvenirs for shipping home.

Location & Directions

The Heineken Experience is easily accessible in the middle of the city and close to several other attractions.

The easiest way to get there is by public transport, which stops right around the corner. The stations are called Stadhouderskade (Tram 16, 24, 25) or Weteringcircuit (Tram 7, 10).

Two other of Amsterdam’s most important sights, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are close to the Heineken Experience. For example, you can walk from the Rijksmuseum (about 10 minutes) or along the southern Vijzelgracht (about 15 minutes). Especially with tickets booked online in advance, sightseeing can thus be combined in a time-saving way.

The quickest way to get there by car is to take the A10, exit S110, and then follow the signs to Centrum and Stadhouderskade. Parking is available, for example, in the Heinekenplein parking garage, near the Rijksmuseum or at Mobypark.

📍 Adress: Amsterdam Heineken Experience, Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam

For Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour ticket holders, the stop is Heineken Experience.

Overall impression of the Heineken Experience

Overall impression of the Heineken Experience

From the history of the Heineken brand to the art of brewing beer and numerous interactive and creative stations, the Heineken Experience offers a wide range of attractions. At the end of the tour, there is also a store where you can purchase Heineken brand merchandise, for example. The Heineken Experience is usually very well attended. There are only a few hours or days when there are only a few visitors.

For some, it’s too crowded, stressful, and loud. But the world of experience with the different areas is fascinating. You can learn a lot here and be well entertained at the same time. For some, the amusement area might seem ridiculous or over-the-top, but for others, this area in particular will be a lot of fun. Depending on your preference, you will be interested in the historical and informative part, the interactive part, or drinking beer.

Of course, you must remember that the beer experience is a marketing strategy. But every brewery you can visit offers this because of marketing strategies. However, the Heineken Experience, unlike some other companies, offers a diverse concept with added value because it is precisely this mixture of the three completely different areas so that all visitors get their money’s worth that makes the Heineken Experience so unique and impressive.

Is the Heineken Experience worth a visit?

Is the Heineken Experience worth a visit?

If you don’t like crowds and want to visit the former brewery, you should come when very little is happening. There is always something going on in the Heineken Experience, and you can always count on numerous visitors.

Those who don’t drink or are not allowed to drink alcohol will probably only get their money’s worth to a limited extent because you get some free beers. But the interactive attractions and the informative areas are enjoyable for everyone.

Those who expect a pure museum must be corrected here because the tour is an experience. All areas have stations inviting you to participate and try things out. But, the desire for information and historical background is still fulfilled.

Overall, the Amsterdam Heineken Experience is a unique beer experience with numerous interactive elements and informative content simultaneously. The only minus point is the heavy visitor traffic. So remember to book tickets online! However, this variety of attractions and stops makes the former brewery worth an experience for almost everyone. And the bonus: There are at least two free beers. Remember to book tickets!

✅ ExtraTip: If that’s not enough, book a ticket for the Braubus Amsterdam with three stops at various small breweries.

*All mentioned prices may be subject to change at any time. Discount promotions are also possible. In principle, the current fee on the provider’s page applies.


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