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Keukenhof Holland 2024: admission prices & online tickets

Keukenhof Holland: Admission Prices | During the tulip blooming season, Keukenhof becomes the biggest attraction for many holidaymakers in the Netherlands. The world-famous gardens are now at the top of the sightseeing program for city travellers to Amsterdam.

However, Keukenhof is far from the canal city but is located around 40 kilometres southwest of the Dutch capital in the province of South Holland, in the municipality of Lisse.

During the approximately two-month opening period of the flower park, when the tulips are in bloom, well over a million visitors attend this annual spectacle.

Keukenhof is open in 2024 in the period from
21 March to 12 May

Access is possible daily from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. It gets crowded because not only visitors from Amsterdam flock to Keukenhof during this time, but also a large number of day visitors from near and far.

Very important: Tickets – here – are only sold online!

✅ IMPORTANT: Car parks must be booked directly online. Via the booking step Upgrades.

The tickets are only valid on a specific date during Keukenhof’s opening hours with an arrival time within a specified time slot. It is not possible to buy tickets on-site. So everything can be done from home, and the tickets can be booked at your leisure and presented as a printout or on your smartphone.

By the way: The flower parade will take place in 2024, on Saturday 20 April. VIP tickets with transport from Amsterdam are available here – VIP Flower Parade – and for 19 April, the day before – Flower parade build up day.

Keukenhof Holland: admission prices

Keukenhof Holland: admission prices

The Keukenhof flower paradise, Stationsweg 166a, 2161 AM Lisse, is located between Amsterdam and The Hague and is easily accessible via the A4 motorway (exit Nieuw-Vennep) and the A44 (exit 3 Lisse).

Visitors arriving by car will be guided to the well-signposted car parks. The car park fee is €6.00 and can be booked directly. As already mentioned, tickets can be purchased online!

Entry Ticket20.00 €Book Online
Parking - Bookable via upgrades10.00 €Book Online
Entry + Bus Transport42.50 €Book Online
Entry Ticket, Tulip Tour
+ Transport from Amsterdam
87.50 €Book Online
Entry, Cruise
+ Shuttle Bus from Amsterdam
52.50 €Book Online
Tulip Festival Card55.00 €Book Online

An information brochure and the necessary online tickets with skip-the-line admission can also be purchased from another ticket provider at the same price.

If you are on site now and still have a little time to spare, you should also take the opportunity to explore the park’s surroundings. Bicycles with all the necessary information, material, and suggestions for cycle tours can be reserved at the car park in front of the main entrance.

✅ Tip: From now on, you can also cycle to the flower fields in an environmentally friendly way. If you like, you can also book your Keukenhof admission ticket at the same time – Keukenhof tickets: admission + cycle tour through tulip fields.

For electric freaks, there is a drive through the tulip fields with a GPS audio tour at the end of this article.

All these ticket suggestions are relevant for visitors who organise their journey to Keukenhof, i.e., car drivers and public transport users. All details about the connections between Amsterdam and Keukenhof by bus and train are described under Keukenhof’s opening hours. Here is a list of costs for travelling by bus from various points in Amsterdam and near the Dutch capital. Entrance to Keukenhof included:

Bus + AdmissionPrice*Ticket
Skip the Line Entry +
Bus Transport from Amsterdam
35.00 €Book Online
Return Ticket by Bus
from Amsterdam to Keukenhof
25.00 €Book Online
Entry + Guided Bus Tour
from Amsterdam
55.50 €Book Online

Tickets for a relaxing half-day tour to Keukenhof from Amsterdam can also be booked directly here.

The Tulip Festival card

The Tulip Festival card

The Tulip Festival Card is another way to book entry to Keukenhof, with simultaneous access to all local transport in and around Amsterdam. It is ideal for visitors who are travelling without a car. At least take a look at the Tulip Festival Card offer. All the extras, including the Amsterdam Travel Card, can be found on the booking page.

The Amsterdam Travel Card, including travel to Keukenhof, can also be booked separately!

Book your Tulip Festival ticket online

Keukenhof admission free of charge

Unfortunately, free admission is only possible for children aged 0 to 3. Of course, a trip to Keukenhof always involves costs, such as admission, parking, catering, souvenirs, and much more.

✅ My main tips for saving money are to travel by bike or car. Bicycles can be parked free of charge at the flower park, and car parking is free in the nearby town of Lisse. A 10-minute walk to the flower park and you have saved €6.00.

✅ Take food and drinks with you. It’s always cheaper and you’ll save the most. Of course, you can eat in the park. However, as expected, the prices are relatively expensive, and most restaurants don’t have much of a romantic atmosphere.

Prices for groups & school classes

Prices for groups & school classes

The online skip-the-line tickets can also be booked directly for a more significant number of people. There are no special discounts for larger groups or school classes.

If you have any questions, you can also contact the ticket counter at Keukenhof directly: info@ticketcounter.nl / Tel.: +31 10 751 6400

Waiting times at Keukenhof

Waiting times at and in Keukenhof are tiresome, just like other tourist attractions worth seeing. This doesn’t apply to the ticket counter, but in the restaurant for a free table, at the toilets, and for the typical bicycle hire. Not everything, but some things can be avoided.

An earlier waiting time of sometimes 1 or 2 hours at the ticket counter is eliminated by purchasing tickets booked online in advance without queuing. As mentioned above, bringing your own food and drink is best. Of course, many people in the Netherlands can only imagine life with a bike tour. If it is hectic, you may have to wait 1 or 2 hours for the next free bike. So it’s best to take a local bike tour or, if you prefer, take the train and join a guided bike tour with a fixed departure time from Amsterdam.

Buy Keukenhof tickets with transport online

For visitors to Amsterdam, it is always best to buy a ticket, including travel from the Dutch capital. This is quick, safe, easy, and convenient. Tickets, including travel, for example by bus, from Amsterdam, have already been mentioned in detail above. Here is another bestseller:

Buy Keukenhof tickets online

The voucher for the bus + admission comes by e-mail and can be printed out. Or as a smartphone ticket, i.e., without printing or queuing for both.

Buy Keukenhof tickets on site

This is currently not possible. Tickets are only sold online! Otherwise, it would be better with the daily rush of visitors, especially not on weekends, school holidays, sunshine, and, of course, not at Easter from 29 March to 1 April 2024.

Nor on 27 April, King’s Day, or 5 May, the bank holidays of the Netherlands.

There is no significant advantage in terms of admission prices on site. Online tickets are not personalised.

The best time to visit the Keukenhof

The best time to visit the Keukenhof

The best time of year to visit the flower park is from mid-April to the beginning of May. The tulip season generally runs from the end of March to mid-May, when Keukenhof is open. Therefore, the best chance of seeing a colourful field of tulips this year, 2022, is from Easter until the first half of May.

If possible, avoid weekends and Easter days. With its colourful tulip fields, the Keukenhof is a paradise for anyone who likes to take photographs. So even in sunny weather, it gets very crowded.

Admission is at 8.00 am. Then things are a little more relaxed at Keukenhof. From 9.30 am, the private excursionists arrive, then the tourists from Amsterdam and the many coaches with their legions of day visitors. The number of visitors decreases towards the evening, but amateur photographers look for exciting motifs at any time of day with new light conditions. There needs to be more guidance on how long you should plan to stay, as flower lovers, families with children, painters, and photographers all have different interests. But it’s worth it even for 3 to 4 hours.

Keukenhof overall impression

Keukenhof overall impression

It is an absolute must for flower lovers and especially for tulip fans. Photographers won’t find a comparable blaze of colour anywhere else – and that goes for your selfies, too! Keukenhof is unique worldwide and is an unmissable spring attraction in the Netherlands near Amsterdam.

It is a place for the senses and relaxation for many visitors. Even if it gets crowded, the entire organisation package in and around the park will be well described.

What should you know before you visit the Keukenhof?

What should you know before you visit the Keukenhof?

The Keukenhof is not an insider tip, so be prepared for your visit. Whether travelling there yourself, by coach, or otherwise, always book your tickets online in advance. It is best to bring your food and drink for reasons of cost and practicality. There is also a picnic area next to the windmill.

Waiting times in restaurants or kiosks are understandable for adults but less so for children, who are often thirsty or hungry. That’s why we always remember to bring plenty of water and a few snacks in between. On sunny spring days, it can get hot in Keukenhof.

✅ Tip: If you want to experience Keukenhof fully, book a room nearby Lisse. Hire a bike in the town for a cycle tour around Keukenhof and visit the park with your pre-purchased tickets for immediate entry. You can find suggestions for overnight stays in my tips at the end of the text.

Half-day bus tours to Keukenhof

Half-day bus tours to Keukenhof
© Keukenhof

Tourists, in particular, who want to combine a tour of Amsterdam and its unique canal belt with a visit to the most extensive flower garden in the world will find a variety of offers for bus tours to Keukenhof.

For some, a brief impression of the tulip fields during a half-day tour is enough, while others prefer to admire the sea of the colour of the flowers all day long.

With opening hours from 8:00 to 19:30 every day, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy endless photo opportunities in the flower park on the same day and spend the rest of the day visiting one or more of my top 15 attractions in Amsterdam.

Half-day bus tourPrice*Ticket
Transfer & fast admission37.50€Book Online
Keukenhof tour with
guided tour, half day
74.50 €Book Online
Day trip to the Keukenhof49.00 €Book Online
Keukenhof with transfer
+ Windmill tour
52.50 €Book Online

The prices listed apply to adults. Discounts for young people and children and other discounts are listed in the respective offer.

All bus tours depart from Amsterdam but from different departure points in the city, depending on the offer. The exact and detailed information can be found on the provider’s website. For half-day tours, you should allow 1 hour each for the outward and return journey and approx—three hours of free time in the park. For visitors who want to explore as much of the Dutch capital as possible, a half-day excursion to Keukenhof can undoubtedly be easily fitted into the sightseeing program.

With departure at 9:00 am, you will return to the canal city by 2:00 pm. This leaves plenty of time for a stroll through the Jordaan neighbourhood or a visit to Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, where the last admission for a tour is at 20:00.

Keukenhof Holland: All-day bus tours

Visitors who want to learn more about tulip cultivation in the Netherlands in addition to the unique flower park or want to explore the area around Keukenhof will need to bring a little more time with them. There are plenty of places to eat and drink on the park grounds. The cafés and restaurants in the pavilions offer a variety of dishes, including the Dutch favourite, waffles.

The food is relatively inexpensive and is also of varying quality. Snacks and drinks can also be found everywhere. If you choose a full-day excursion, consider a picnic, for which Keukenhof has its picnic area. Here are a few suggestions for all-day bus tours to Keukenhof.

Full day bus tourPrice*Ticket
Day tour Keukenhof and
Giethoorn Experience
149.00 €Book Online
Keukenhof, Delft & Tulip fields149.00 €Book Online
Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans +
Boat tour Amsterdam
145.00 €Book Online
Keukenhof, Zaanse Schans,
Volendam & Marken
99.00 €Book Online
Keukenhof + Zannse Schans69.50 €Book Online

The various offers for full-day tours sometimes include visits to other attractions in the Netherlands.

Giethoorn – Giethoorn, with its waterways, is a pretty town with centuries-old thatched-roof houses to the north-east of Amsterdam. With its canals, footpaths, and numerous cycle paths, it is also known as the Venice of Holland. The Keukenhof and Giethoorn experiences offer two extraordinary impressions of the Nierderlande.

Delft – Delft, a canal-lined city west of the Netherlands, is best known as the production center for hand-painted Delft ceramics in blue and white.

Zaanse Schans is located close to Amsterdam. It is a museum village where you can get to know typical Holland. Everything here is authentic, from the wooden houses and the famous windmills to the cheese dairies and clog-making workshops. It is easy to visit Keukenhof by coach in combination with Zaanse Schans. Zannse Schans can also be booked as a 3-hour single excursion from Amsterdam.

Additional tip: Kagerseen is a lake district with many islands between the North Sea coast and Leiden, not far from Keukenhof. From the water, on a boat trip, you can see many of the water and windmills so typical of Holland and the vast landscape with meadows, fields, and canals – only boat trip + Keukenhof – no transfer

Keukenhof and tulips from above

Keukenhof and tulips from above

There are only tiny hills in the Netherlands, so you can almost always see the magnificent flower fields in many parts of the Netherlands from an average eye level when they are in bloom. It’s a different story when you book an unforgettable helicopter tour.

Anyone looking for an unusual gift, planning a surprise, or simply wanting to try something out of the ordinary should look at the following offers for a view from above of the colourful sea of flowers that can only be seen around Amsterdam for very few weeks of the year.

Helicopter flightPrice*Ticket
Helicopter tour with a view of
Keukenhof + tulip fields
159.00 €Book Online
Sightseeing flight
Flower fields and Keukenhof
from 159.00 €Book Online

As the flight dates depend on the flowering season on the flower plantations, some flight dates are not fixed until later. All details of the recommended tours, such as duration, areas flown over, and departure time and location, can be found on the provider’s booking page.


Suppose you want to stay a little longer in this unique natural landscape. In that case, Keukenhof’s opening times also provide much more information for your stay in the area, including recommendations for overnight stays in nearby Lisse and even on the North Sea beach of Noordwijk aan Zee. There is also a compilation of practical information about Keukenhof.

* All prices stated in this article are subject to change. In principle, the current price of the respective provider applies.

Tulip fields away from the Keukenhof

Tulip fields away from the Keukenhof

The splendour of the flowers outside Keukenhof is also enormous. My tip is a GPS audio guide tour through the tulip fields for self-drivers. If you save the entrance fee to the Keukenhof, the adventure is well worth it. Everything else is on the provider’s website. Make sure you book an electric two-seater in advance.

GPS Audiotour online booking

The price is always for two people, and everything is also in English. Have fun!

Museum and flower picking

There are also various flowers at the Tulip Experience Amsterdam south of Amsterdam. Suitable for a stopover of 1.5 to 2 hours if traveling to and from the park by car; otherwise, you can find out how to get there by public transport on the provider’s website.

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is located at Delfweg 37 in Noordwijkerhout, between Amsterdam and The Hague and close to Keukenhof. Open during the Keukenhof’s visiting hours.

📍 Address: Delfweg 34 in Noordwikerhout
🎟️ Admission: Tickets for the Tulip Experience

Tulip museum and flower picking

If that’s not enough, you should stop by the Tulip Experience Amsterdam, a spectacular museum south of Amsterdam. It is ideal for a car stopover when traveling to or from Amsterdam. But also accessible from Amsterdam by public transport. Details on the provider’s website. The visit takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The opening hours of the Tulip Experience are seasonal and correspond to those of the Keukenhof.

📍 Address: Delfweg 34 in Noordwikerhout


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