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Moco Museum Amsterdam – Opening hours

Moco Museum opening hours – Since 2016, Amsterdam’s already significant museum scene has been enriched by another attraction. This year saw the opening of the Modern Contemporary Museum Amsterdam, also known as the Moco Museum.

Moco Museum Amsterdam - Opening hours
Elekes Andor, Moco Museum (9), CC BY-SA 4.0

This lovingly designed museum is dedicated entirely to contemporary art. Numerous works by renowned contemporary artists such as Bansky or Jeff Koons can be viewed in the Moco Museum, and we invite you to visit this colourful and unconventional museum.

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Opening hours at a glance

First of all, here are the exciting admission times when you can enter this extraordinary building all year round:

Moco MuseumOpening hoursLast admission
Monday - Thursday9:00 till 19:00approx. 18:15
Friday - Sunday9:00 till 20:00approx. 19:15

Last Admission to the Moco Museum

The last admission to the museum is highly favourable, at around 18:15 / 19:15. You still have about an hour to see everything at your leisure. This is an excellent offer for museum visitors.

Admission times can be found on the websites of the various ticket providers listed below.

✅ You can also try the box office on-site if no later dates are available.

Opening hours on public holidays

As you can see from the official opening times, admission is valid for 365 days. In other words, there are no restrictions on individual days of the week or the usual public holidays such as Christmas, New Year, or Easter. Not even on King’s Day, 27 July, the most prestigious public holiday in the Netherlands. However, year-round opening hours are standard in cosmopolitan tourist cities. So there is always something to do.

A place for art lovers

A place for art lovers
Elekes Andor, Moco Museum (4), CC BY-SA 4.0

The Moco Museum is located in the beautiful Villa Alsberg, which provides a beautiful setting for the often bombastic works exhibited there. Various exhibitions provide variety and make the museum, realised by the private couple Lionel and Kim Logchies, a permanent fixture in Amsterdam’s museum world.

Also worth mentioning is the large outdoor area of the Moco Museum Amsterdam, where impressive sculptures can be experienced up close. The Moco Museum Amsterdam offers various styles of modern art and exhibits genre classics, such as paintings by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

Waiting times at the Moco Museum

If you have reserved your admission ticket for a booked date, you don’t have to worry about waiting times. Those who turn up without a ticket may be lucky, depending on the time of day, day of the week, or season, or everything may be fully booked for the same day.

If you arrive on the same day before the specified time with your online ticket, you may be admitted a little earlier, but if you arrive late, there are no longer any firm promises for the time of the museum visit.

Cheeky, loud and colourful, this is how the Moco Museum Amsterdam presents itself

Cheeky, loud and colourful, this is how the Moco Museum Amsterdam presents itself
Elekes Andor, Moco Museum (6), CC BY-SA 4.0

The ambiance of the historic Villa Alsberg, in which the museum is housed, creates a unique atmosphere and provides a worthy setting for the works of art on display. The nested rooms of the building create a positive mood and ensure that every corner of the Moco has its charm. As Lionel and Kim Logchies, the museum’s founders, can always convince renowned art collectors to lend their treasures to the Moco Museum, visitors can look forward to seeing works by famous artists such as Bansky and Yayoi Kusama.

The unique collection of contemporary art ensures that the museum is fascinating and brings art to life in the truest sense of the word. In the Moco Museum Amsterdam, socially critical works of art are given a projection surface, visiting the Moco exciting and multi-layered. Great attention to detail and an understanding of art make this museum a place where art is very much alive.

How long does the tour take?

How long does the tour take?
Elekes Andor, Moco Museum (7), CC BY-SA 4.0

The duration of a visit to a museum specializing in a particular art form can vary. However, it would help if you planned an hour. There is a lot to see; amateur photographers, in particular, will get their money’s worth here.

Everything is trendy here, and for fans of social networks, there is even a special tour for Instagram photo spots & moco museum.

Originality at a high level – the Moco Museum Amsterdam

Thanks to its versatility and unique approach to bringing contemporary art closer to its guests, visiting Moco is very rewarding. The museum’s well-coordinated exhibitions show that the museum’s organizers see art as something holistic and present this in an enchanting way at Moco. Despite the large crowds, the Moco Museum Amsterdam is a place that should be seen during a visit to the city. In just a few years, the museum’s unconventional concept has made it one of the region’s best-known and most famous museums.

The combination of a spectacularly designed outdoor area, which primarily offers space for expansive art installations, and creatively designed rooms makes Moco a great place to relax. Always up-to-date and always endeavouring to keep a critical eye, this is how the all-around harmonious Moco presents itself, which enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

Best time to visit the Moco Museum

Best time to visit the Moco Museum
Elekes Andor, Moco Museum (8), CC BY-SA 4.0

You can visit the Moco Museum at any time. It is never overcrowded, as the number of visitors at any one time is always limited. However, you must have a suitable online ticket in your pocket. If you are in Amsterdam during typical visiting times such as weekends, holiday periods, public holidays, or summer months, you should try to get a ticket in good time. Everything can be conveniently booked in advance:

Admission prices to the Moco Museum

Anyone possessing the attractive discount card, the Amsterdam City Card, has free admission to the museum. Otherwise, the following prices apply:

Moco MuseumPrice*Admission
Adults 18+22,95 €Book Online
Students with ID19,95 €Book Online
Teens 7-17 y19,95 €Book Online
Children 0-6 yFree

You may also find further access times on the website of the provider Tiqets.

A combined ticket for the Moco Museum + canal cruise is also available, which is a must when visiting Amsterdam.

Admission with I Amsterdam City Card

As mentioned above, museum fans should take advantage of the many benefits of the I Amsterdam City Card. In addition to the Moco Museum, there are many free admissions to the major museums of the canal city, including the top addresses on Museum Square, such as the Rijksmuseum.

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Opening hours of the neighbouring museums

There is a lot to see and experience in Amsterdam. To help you plan a tour of the famous Museumplein, here is a rough overview of the opening hours of the most important museum buildings.

Rijksmuseum09:00 a.m.05:00 p.m.Book Online
Van Gogh Museum09:00 a.m.05:00 p.m.Book Online
Diamond Museum09:00 a.m.05:00 p.m.Book Online
Diamond cutting09:00 a.m.Various guided toursBook Online
Stedelijk Museum10:00 a.m.06:00 p.m.Book Online
Moco Museum09:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.Book Online

So if you want to make the most of your time on the museum square and see as much as possible, you should start the day with the must-see museums and end it with the contemporary museums. There is still time for a guided tour of the diamond-cutting workshop in the afternoon.


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