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NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam – Admission & opening hours

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Adventure playground for the whole familyThe NEMO science museum in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam you will find the NEMO Science Centre – Buy Online-Tickets. The fantastic thing about this museum is that young and old can join in and try things out. In this museum, everyone is guided through the world of technology, physics, biology and chemistry.

You can either participate in many experiments yourself or have them demonstrated by the staff. The journey of discovery takes place on a total of four levels. Topics such as DNA or the human brain can be explored here. But what you will look like in thirty years or what a kiss triggers in the body is also presented imposingly.

The nebula and radiation chambers are also very exciting. In this area, for example, cosmic radiation is visualised. You can even lend a hand in building a car or a miniature skyscraper. There is also a lot on offer in the field of electrics.

Among other things, workshops, films, demonstrations, and exhibitions are held here. However, countless other events take place in this museum because it offers enough space. The science shows that take place several times a day are particularly exciting. Science, in particular, is scrutinised here. The topic of chain reactions is impressively demonstrated in this area.

Basically, the museum is ideal for children aged 6-16. However, it has become clear that adults are just as fascinated. Around 300,000 people visit Nemo annually—one of my top suggestions in Amsterdam with children.

Admission prices

Admission prices
Fotograf: DigiDaan

The following table summarises all admission prices to the Nemo Science Museum:

Nemo Science CenterPrice*Online-Tickets
Adults17,50 €Book Online-Ticket
Child (4-17 yrs)17,50 €Book Online-Ticket
Infant (0-3 y)Free of chargeBook Online-Ticket
I'amsterdam city card60,00 €Book Online-Ticket

🎟️ Holders of the Amsterdam Pass from Tiqets receive a 10% discount on the admission price when booking using the above discount code.

Unfortunately, you must dig deep into your pockets for a visit to the Nemo Museum! In other museums, you usually get a discount for young people, children, pupils, and students. Unfortunately, this is not the case at the Science Museum in Amsterdam, as the museum is primarily aimed at children! It isn’t easy to visit the museum at a reasonable price! Except for small children, all visitors pay €17.50 for a visit!

But it’s still worth it! Why? When visiting Amsterdam with children, it is sometimes challenging to find activities you can do with children and teenagers, for example, when the weather is terrible. Younger Amsterdam visitors will likely get bored quickly in the Municipal Museum or the Historical Museum of Amsterdam, but then there’s Nemo.

Therefore, the Science Museum in Amsterdam is excellent for young and old. Children can let off steam here with the interactive activities, and your children will be very happy about the varied activities!

Queue at the Nemo Museum

Even if the Nemo Science Museum has a different importance than the museums at the Museumplein in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, or the van Gogh Museum, you can still expect to wait a long time to buy a ticket at certain times. The museum concept is aimed at children and young people, mainly families who visit.

This means that queues tend to be longer at weekends and, of course, during holiday periods.

Many holidaymakers in the Netherlands plan a day trip to Amsterdam. For families, a visit to the Nemo museum is often on the agenda in addition to the traditional canal cruise.

Ticket purchase, cloakroom, and lockers for rucksacks and valuables, everything has to be taken care of!

🎟️ That’s why I suggest you book an online ticket in advance to skip a 20-minute queue. You can enter the museum immediately with an online ticket, which isn’t cheaper on-site. The children will thank you for it!

Opening hours

Opening hours
Fotograf: DigiDaan

The following table summarises all opening hours of the Nemo Science Museum:

NemoOpening hours
Tuesday - Sunday10 am - 5:30 pm
Monday - exceptions only10 am - 5:30 pm

📝 Please note: The museum is closed on Mondays with exceptions and public holidays throughout the year:

  • 1 January closed
  • King’s Day – 27 April closed
  • Monday – Open during school holidays

The tour of the museum takes about 2 hours, so enter the museum at 4.00 pm at the latest – ideally with an online ticket – so that you don’t lose any time at the ticket counter and still have enough time for the exciting tour!

The history of the museum

The history of the museum

The roots of this exciting museum go back to 1923 when the artist Herman Heijenbrock decided to open a museum not only for his artworks but also as a laboratory. It was important to him to share his enthusiasm with young people. However, the museum was renamed in 1945 after the Second World War. From then on, it was called the NINT-Dutch Institute of Industry and Technology. The background and purpose of this museum was to get children and young adults interested in science and engineering.

A further education program was created for schools and universities. Until the end of the 1960s, it was mainly used to persuade children and young people to pursue a career in science and engineering. From the 1970s onwards, it was decided to adopt a neutral position, meaning the museum provided an essential educational program for schools and universities. It was not until 1997 that the museum moved into its current building. The architect Renzo Piano designed this ship-like building.

The short form Nemo stands for New Metropolis. The name originated from a famous film. The museum was only given the name Nemo after 2000.

The design & The Roof terrace

The design & The Roof terrace

You must attend this building. Standing next to the central station, it stands out with its striking green colour. The shape of this building is unusual and fascinating. When you look at it, you can’t decide whether it is a boat, a tunnel, or just a ramp. Yet it is a museum of science.

The Nemo Science Center is located in Amsterdam’s harbour, where it sits almost like a ship at the entrance to the harbour basin. It was designed by the architect Renzo Piano, who also designed the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In addition to its unusual shape, the unique feature is that cars drive underneath the exhibition rooms, as Nemo was built on the foundations of the IJ tunnel.

You have an exceptional view of the city of Amsterdam from the sloping roof of the building. You can even recognize some of the sights of the canal city from there. The viewpoint is described as spectacular, and so is the roof terrace. In addition to the view, the terrace also offers water features and comfortable loungers for relaxing. In principle, this wonderful roof terrace can be used free of charge daily, even if the museum is closed on Mondays. Exceptions are New Year’s Day, King’s Day, events, or terrible weather conditions. It is even permitted to enjoy a picnic on the terrace. There are also a few stalls selling fast food.

The souvenir shop of the museum

The souvenir shop of the museum

After the museum tour, for which you should plan around two hours, you can pop into the souvenir shop. Everything you find here is related to technology rather than the museum itself. There are the usual souvenirs of Amsterdam, and many things are made for children. There’s even the odd souvenir that you wouldn’t otherwise find.

Online tickets for the museum

As already mentioned, it is advisable to buy tickets online in advance. This saves time, which can undoubtedly be put to much better use in a city like Amsterdam. The ordering process is straightforward!

🎟️ Enter the number of tickets you want to order and your details, and the tickets will be sent to you by email! Print out the tickets or show the QR code on your smartphone at the entrance. It couldn’t be easier!

Buy Nemo Museum ticket online

My overall impression

My overall impression

My overall impression of the museum was excellent! All four floors of the NEMO Museum Amsterdam are a natural adventure playground. You can have incredible fun with giant soap bubbles or experiment in the chemistry lab here.

All scientific fields are represented = physics, biology, chemistry, and technology. That’s why you quickly become enthusiastic, and sometimes you can’t wait to take part in the activities!

Conclusion = The museum’s extraordinary roof terrace is a great experience! The kids can let off steam here!

Location and directions

📍 The exact address of the Nemo Museum is as follows: Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam.

The best thing to do is take a 15-minute walk from Centraal station to the Nemo Museum, always along the water. You can’t miss the peculiar, green building with its spectacular architecture. Otherwise, it’s just a few minutes by bus, line 22, to the Kadijk Plein stop.

🚗 For car drivers, the nearest parking garage is about 400 metres away, Park Centrum Oosterdok Parking, Oosterdoksstraat 150, 1011 DK Amsterdam. For more information on where to park your car, see Parking in Amsterdam.

🎟️ If you would like to explore the attractions in the neighbourhood before or after your visit to the Nemo Museum, you will quickly find what you are looking for. Visible from the impressive roof terrace of the museum is the Maritime Museum, which is worth a visit. Alternatively, you can take the ferry from the station to the Amsterdam Tower opposite, with its A’DAM Lookout viewing platform, quickly and free of charge. Right next to it, you can take a spectacular virtual tour of the Netherlands from above at This is Holland. All top attractions in Amsterdam!


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