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Anne Frank House – Entrance Prices 2024

Anne Frank House Entrance Prices | The Anne Frank House commemorates when Anne Frank and her family hid from the National Socialists. She lived in this house for two years and wrote a diary that would become famous worldwide.

The house, located in the centre of Amsterdam, is now a memorial. The museum gives an impression of what life was like for the family in hiding at the time. At the same time, it aims to educate and remind people of the cruel persecution and murder of six million Jews. The centrepiece of the museum is Anne’s original red chequered diary.

Admission prices for museum visits

Anne Frank HausPrice*Online-Ticket
Adults16,00 €Official website
10-17 years7,00 €Official website
0-9 years1,00 €Official website
✅ Bestseller
Walking Tour
32.50 €Book Online

First, all the information about the entrance fees for the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is challenging to buy.

Online ticket sales start every first Tuesday of the month for the following six weeks.

Tickets will not be sold on site.

To allow as many visitors as possible to visit this unique site, the entrance fees for the Anne Frank House are very moderate compared to the other top attractions in Amsterdam. There are no further discounts for different groups of people.

Admission prices for a museum visit + introductory programme

Visitors who may have little time to prepare for their visit to the Anne Frank House can book a 30-minute introductory program before visiting the museum.

The programme tells Anne Frank’s story in the context of the Nazi era, the Second World War and the persecution of the Jews. The programme is only available in English and costs €7 extra. Participation for children is only recommended from the age of 10.

Museum + introductionPrice*Buy Online
Adults23.00 €Official Website
10-17 years14.00 €Official Website
0-9 years8.00 €Official Website

*All prices quoted are subject to change. The current price of the online booking always applies.

Suggestions for tours around the museum on the subject of Anne Frank and the Second World War can be found below.

Admission prices for classes and groups

Admission prices for classes and groups

Of course, the Anne Frank Museum also has a solid educational mission due to its historical specialty. The museum’s website has various programs for school classes and groups.

In addition to the contact address for cost arrangements, there is also the option of direct bookings.

How do you get tickets?

❗ Important to know: For some time now, tickets for the Anne Frank House have only been sold online. Online advance sales always start on the first Tuesday of the month for the following month. Tickets are only valid for the date and time slot booked.

Cancellations and transfers to other persons are not possible. Valid admission tickets are only offered via the Anne Frank House website.

Tickets – Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam

The tickets always sell out quickly. This is very unfortunate if you have yet to determine your exact travel dates, but there’s no other way. So always check the website. There are often times available, such as late in the evening. In my article on the Anne Frank House opening times, you can also find the best times to visit.

📝 Note: Otherwise, take a look at my tip under admission prices above.

Buying tickets on site?

Buying tickets on site?

The demand for tickets for the Anne Frank Museum is immense among millions of visitors to the canal city. In the past, the long queues in front of the historic building were not only a challenge for those waiting, often with children or in warm weather.

The situation was also a burden for many residents due to noise, traffic obstruction, and, in some cases, rubbish.  Unfortunately, anyone trying to get tickets on-site will be disappointed, as there are no longer any ticket counters, cash desks, or similar.

History of the house

The Anne Frank House appears rather inconspicuous from the outside. This is hardly surprising, as it was initially a typical residential building divided into a front and rear. It was built back in the 17th century. It later served as a warehouse, then as a horse shelter, and finally as premises for producing various goods before being used as a residential building again during the Second World War.

After the Second World War, the house was in danger of disrepair and almost demolished. In 1960, the house became a memorial site. It was Otto Frank’s (Anne’s father) express wish that the rear building remain empty.

🛈 You can also look at my article Visit the Anne Frank House for more information.

Opening hours of the Anne Frank House

Here is a brief overview of the memorial’s year-round opening hours:

Anne Frank MuseumOpening Times
Monday till ThursdayDaily 9:00 till 22:00
Friday till SundayDaily 9:00 till 22:00

All further details about the opening hours, the various deviations, and suggestions for the best times to visit can be found in my article on the abovementioned Anne Frank House opening hours.

History of the Frank family

The Frank family was a typical middle-class Jewish family whose ancestors had lived in Germany for centuries. When the Nazis came to power, they were forced to flee to the Netherlands. They spent a few happy years there. Eventually, they had no choice but to go into hiding.

A Dutch family offered to take them in, and the next day, they moved into their home in the centre of Amsterdam. At first, they felt safe there. Later they were joined by other people who were also hiding from the Nazis in the back of the house. Tragically, just before the end of the war, the family was betrayed and deported to concentration camps. Only Anne’s father survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is thanks to him that her diaries have survived to this day.

What can you see in the museum?

The actual museum is located at the front of the Anne Frank House. With the help of photos, films, and original objects, you can learn a lot about National Socialism and, of course, about the diary and Anne herself. The hidden rear extension, the so-called back house, is accessible to museum visitors via a movable bookshelf.

This area has been preserved in its original form as a memorial. Although most rooms are furnished, some personal belongings are on display. In Anne Frank’s room, for example, her desk and famous diary are displayed.

Is the visit worthwhile?

Is the visit worthwhile?
© 1971markus@wikipedia.de / Cc-by-sa-4.0, Anne-Frank-Haus, Amsterdam (6), Farbe von Marc K, CC BY-SA 4.0

Definitely! The museum is quite crowded at certain times. Nevertheless, thanks to the audio guides available in many languages, you can look at and listen to everything at your leisure. This makes it easy to imagine yourself back in time and the life of the Frank family in the hiding place: You can feel the cramped conditions in the hiding place, where eight people had to live and endure for a long time.

There is a contemplative and calm atmosphere in the museum. It is a place of silence that is both informative and mesmerising. To visualise history makes you think sad that such terrible things happened. It is a genuinely touching experience that moves you deeply.

What can you see in the surroundings?

Many people are interested in Anne Frank’s life, Jewish culture in Amsterdam, or the daily life of the Jewish population at that time.

There are many options for booking tours, guided tours, or other events. Please remember that none of the offers include a visit to the museum. As already mentioned, tickets can only be purchased via the official website of the Anne Frank Museum.

Here are some suggestions for guided tours around the Anne Frank House:

Anne Frank SurroundingsPrice*Buy Online
Anne Frank Tour in German25.50 €Book Online
Walking Tour, Jewish Museum
& Synagogue Tickets
45.00 €Book Online
Life of Anne Frank and
World War II Walking Tour
32.50 €Book Online

If you want to learn more about life in Amsterdam during the Second World War, you should join one of the many guided tours that provide an insight into the period. These include detailed tours (in English) such as Anne Frank & Jewish Culture – Private Tour.

The tours do not include access to the Anne Frank House.

*Only the provider’s current prices apply here too. Discounts for young people, children, senior citizens, and other groups and all helpful information about the tours and walks can also be found on the provider’s website.

It is also interesting to visit the Jewish Historical Museum, located around two kilometres from the Anne Frank House at Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1. The opening hours can be found on the ticket provider’s website.

You should visit this historic memorial even if you can’t get a ticket to enter the Anne Frank House. This can be combined with a walk through the picturesque Jordaan neighbourhood or a shopping trip through the 9 Straatjes, as described in an article in Amsterdam in 24 hours.

Otherwise, you can visit Amsterdam with a departure in front of the Anne Frank House on a luxury canal cruise with drinks and Dutch cheese.

© 1971markus@wikipedia.de / Cc-by-sa-4.0, Anne-Frank-Haus, Amsterdam (6), Farbe von Marc K, CC BY-SA 4.0


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