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Airport Transfer Amsterdam Schiphol / City Center

Airport transfer Amsterdam Schiphol / City Center | The city is located near the airports Schiphol and Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a regional airport located about 120 kilometers from Amsterdam. Luchthaven Schiphol is the international commercial airport of the Netherlands. It is considered the third busiest airport in Europe, with passenger traffic of about 70 million in 2019. Schiphol has three terminal buildings and six runways.

The walk from check-in to the gate can quickly take 30 minutes if you walk briskly, which should be planned for. The distance to the center of the Dutch capital is about 16 kilometers. Some airport transfers can also be booked directly on this page.

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Amsterdam flight connections

City travelers planning a city trip to Amsterdam will find various direct flights to the unique canal city. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the national airline of the Netherlands alone, currently offers to cities worldwide. Changes are, of course, possible at any time.

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Airport transfer by train

Airport transfer by train

The airport is located southwest of the Dutch capital and is directly connected to the GVB, Amsterdam’s public transport system, by buses and trains.

A single train ticket from the airport to the city center costs 6.20 €. Single-use tickets can be purchased at the service desks or the blue and yellow machines. Besides cash, EC cards, Mastercards, and Visa cards are also accepted, but only with a pin. The travel time to Amsterdam Centraal station, the central station of the canal city, is 17-18 minutes.

Between 06:00 in the morning and 01:00 at night, the trains run about every 10 minutes, and the rest of the time, about every hour. Best for a fast and cheap transfer!

Airport transfer by train to the city center

After a tiring journey, you are always glad to have the right ticket for the comfortable train ride to the center of the canal. So it’s best to book in advance.

Train transfer + discountPrice*Ticket
One way trip
Schiphol - Centraal
10,50 €Zum Anbieter
One way
Centraal - Schiphol
10,50 €Zum Anbieter
Round trip
From and to Schiphol
15,00 €Zum Anbieter

Train ride with Amsterdam Travel Ticket

This ticket is an exciting combination of the GVB day or multi-day ticket with a 2nd class train transfer ticket from any city station to the airport or vice versa.

This ticket is also valid on Connexxion buses N97 and 397. However, it is not valid on buses of other companies such as EBS and Arriva and other buses of Connexxion.

Amsterdam Travel TicketPrice*Online-Ticket
1 day€ 18,00Book online
2 days€ 24,00Book online
3 days€ 30,00Book online

The prices are valid for one day. The ticket is especially interesting for air travelers who stay only a few days in the city.

Amsterdam Flughafen Express Bus

Amsterdam Flughafen Express Bus

The Amsterdam Airport Express is a busy bus service and offers a quick and easy transfer between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam city center. The bus departs every 8 minutes from bus platform B15-19 at Schiphol Airport and takes you to the city center after about half an hour of travel.

Amsterdam Flughafen Express Bus

According to the route map shown here, the Airport Express Bus stops at Stadionplein, Emmastraat, Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, and Leidseplein, among others, before reaching its final stop at Elandsgracht in Amsterdam. From there, you can get to numerous accommodations in the city center without problems. At night, the same bus, N97, runs twice an hour between 01:00 and 05:00 in both directions. Free Wi-Fi on the bus and smartphone charging ports are also available. Luggage can also be transported without any problems. All other details are on the ticket provider’s page. Tickets can already be booked directly here:

Airport Express Bus – Book Online

GVB day or multi-day tickets

You can find all the information about the GVB Day or Multi-day Ticket in my article about public transportation in Amsterdam.

All GVB day or multi-day tickets can also already be booked directly here. The prices for 1 to 7-day tickets are:

GVB-TicketPrice*Oniline Ticket
1 day (24 hours)9,00 €Book online
2 days (48 hours)15,00 €Book online
3 days (72 hours)21,00 €Book online
4 days (96 hours)26,50 €Book online
5 days (120 hours)33,00 €Book online
6 days (144 hours)37,50 €Book online
7 days (168 hours)41,00 €Book online

Children up to 0-3 years ride for free. There are only day tickets for children from 4-11 years, which cost € 4.50 each. Everything else about booking on the provider’s site. Add the selected day or multi-day ticket to the shopping cart and book. The Airport Express or the train transfer to the airport must be booked separately or directly in conjunction with the Amsterdam Travel Ticket mentioned above.

Airport transfer by cab

Airport transfer by cab

If, for example, you prefer to take a cab because of your luggage or because you have just missed the train, there are plenty of options at the airport. Cabs are waiting at the official cab rank in front of Schiphol Plaza, opposite the arrivals hall. You can choose between standard, family, and luxury cabs.

A cab ride with the standard cab costs about 40 euros to the center and takes between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on traffic and the chosen route. If you take a taxi to the airport, you will be driven to the departure hall.

My impression of the connection to the airport

The connection to and from the airport is very well-stocked at any time of the year. Everyone gets to their destination quickly and chooses between train and bus, with roughly the same prices for a trip to the center of Amsterdam. Of course, there is always the cab as a luxury option.

At night, trains run every hour, and if you have just missed the train, you can still take a cab to get to your destination faster than the next train or bus. It is noticeable that the large airport is a hub in Europe. Everything is well organized. Also, the possibility of booking tickets already at home in peace is very convenient.

Airport transfer Eindhoven – Amsterdam city center

Airport transfer Eindhoven - Amsterdam city center

Eindhoven Airport is the largest regional airport in the Netherlands, served mainly by low-cost carriers such as Ryanair or Transavia, a Dutch low-cost airline. A private transfer for four people to Amsterdam costs about 160,00 €.

The travel time to the desired destination in Amsterdam takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The airfares to Eindhoven are often very cheap, and the costs for the airport transfer in Amsterdam are omitted; a journey via Eindhoven for a city trip to Amsterdam can be an alternative.

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*All prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. The current offer of the provider is always valid. Discounts and possible rebates can also be found on the provider’s page.



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