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Dungeon Amsterdam: admission, opening hours & info

✅ Dungeon Amsterdam: admission, opening hours & info | Online-Tickets

The Dungeon in Amsterdam is a spooky horror experience with a good dose of fun. It should be on the to-do list of anyone visiting Amsterdam who wants to get to the bottom of the dark events of the mediaeval city. In various rooms, you will experience a gruesome history lesson with shocking moments, ghastly wails, shrieks, and many humorous moments in around ten amazing shows.

The following sections describe why the horror theatre is a place that takes you out of the natural world from one moment to the next, and you suddenly find yourself back in time long past while being dazzlingly entertained.

80 entertaining minutes of horror show with fun

80 entertaining minutes of horror show with fun
© Amsterdam Dungeon

A horror show lasting around one and a half hours awaits you at the Dungeon Amsterdam, an educational history lesson about the darkest hours, places, and contemporaries in history with terrifying information in the truest sense of the word. Despite all the shocking moments between dungeons, gallows forest and dissecting tables, torturers and murderers, the hearty situation comedy and macabre humour never fail to make visitors laugh. The shows convey a uniquely authentic atmosphere, with smells appropriate to the situation and state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects.

The spectacular surprises include encounters with the perfectly portrayed sinister figures from the city’s history. They make you part of the show and turn the tour into an interactive experience. You will suddenly find yourself in the role of a witch or a criminal waiting in the dungeon for the torturer. A high level of entertainment is always at the forefront of every show, with shocking moments and comic situations combined to create a highly amusing and educational experience.

Admission prices Dungeon Amsterdam

Admission to the Dungeon in Amsterdam is €25.00 for adults. For children between the ages of 3 and 15, the entrance fee is €21.00.

Amsterdam DungeonPrice*Tickets
Adults25.00 €Book Online
Teenagers 3-15 years21.00 €Book Online

Children and young people with a ticket have unrestricted access. However, children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 16. Amsterdam Dungeon does not prohibit access but would like to point out that the event is unsuitable for children under 10.

🎟️ Tip: Book Dungeon Amsterdam & Madame Tussauds as a combined ticket.

The history of the Dungeon Amsterdam

The history of the Dungeon Amsterdam
© Amsterdam Dungeon

The fascinating show and history experience has been available to visitors on Rokin Street in the heart of the city centre since the fall of 2005. The location for the spectacular presentation of the history of the canal city was chosen with care, as the building stands on a significant historical site. The Miracle of Amsterdam occurred here in 1345, a holy miracle that turned the city into a place of pilgrimage and is regarded as the nucleus of economic prosperity. In front of the building stands the Miracle Colom in memory of the miracle.

The history of the Rijksmonument building is as rich in history as its location. It served as the home of a wealthy merchant, was used as a mosque, provided space for a hotel, and was home to an activity house. The theatre house is one of over 120 leisure facilities operated by the Merlin Entertainment Group, including the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Amsterdam, Legoland Adventure Center, and Sea Life aquariums.

Time travel and special effects

Time travel and special effects
© Amsterdam Dungeon

When you visit the show, you embark on a unique journey through the dark side of the canal city’s past. On your tour through the historic house’s primarily dark rooms and walls, you will experience the particularly horrific events of the last five centuries first-hand at eleven stations. Each event is a show in itself with sinister and creepy-looking figures. With the utmost professionalism, the actors will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from the gruesome to the hilarious.

The authentic backdrops, surprising special effects, and, last but not least, the story’s content add to the experience’s eeriness. There are witch hunters and forests of the dead, encounters with torturers, executioners and corpse slicers, inquisitors, witch burnings, and sometimes relatively trivial murders. Sometimes, it needs to be remembered that each thrilling plot has a proper background. Historical adventures between dungeons and the forest of death, in dark alleyways, and on sailing soul-sellers.

Medieval dungeon experiences and torture

Medieval dungeon experiences and torture

The historical adventure begins for visitors by descending into dark dungeons and dungeons. The rattling of chains and the wailing of tormented people accompany the ride in an elevator that seems to inspire little confidence. In the jail, you get to know the keeper of the key and find out whether the plague is that contagious. Merciless torture is the theme of the torture chamber.

The encounter with the torturer, who appears out of the darkness and looks for his next victim from among the visitors, is gruesome. Things are more professional in the waiting room of the master torturer. Using a practical example, he lets you in on the secrets of the torture profession.

The soul sellers of the maritime nation and great artists

The soul sellers of the maritime nation and great artists
© Amsterdam Dungeon

In the dimly lit Musico Bar, you’ll experience soul-selling over a free drink. Once you’ve looked too deeply into your glass, you’ll find yourself on a Dutch East India Company ship sooner than you think. In the 17th century, you will experience what it meant to trade your freedom for service on a boat in the hell of Batavia.

The story of Black Jan, on the other hand, leads to the anatomy theatre of Doctor Deymann and, thus, on the trail of the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Visitors to the site learn about the location of the individual organs and the purpose of locking the door at night.

Inquisition, the legal system, and witch burnings

The legal system at the time of the Spanish Inquisition is depicted in a courtroom where everyone is guilty. The judge only judges the degree of guilt between robbery and witchcraft. Just one room further on, you will find out in a gruesome way at the witch burning what awaits supposed witches and whether there is a witch among you. You will also learn how resistant you are to the heat.

The visit to the Forest of Death is a gruesome episode in history. In this remote corner of the city, delinquents sentenced to death once met their final hour on the gallows. On the run from witch hunters, you come across this gruesome last meeting place of fiends and riff-raff.

An encounter with the historical figure of the murderous Helena in a tanner’s cellar promises goosebumps. Finally, you end up in Amsterdam’s oldest recreated pub, The Last Shot, where the city’s riff-raff meet. A labyrinth of mirrors symbolises the dark alleyways from which you must find your way.

Opening hours of the Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon is open every day, 365 days a year.

Amsterdam DungeonOpening hoursStart of last tour
September to June11:00 to 17:0017:00
July and August11:00 to 18:0018:00

There are deviations on some days of the year; for example, on December 24, 25, and 31, visiting hours end at 4:00 pm. On some Saturdays of the year, bookings and admissions are also possible until 19:00.

The tour uses spooky effects in almost complete darkness to transport visitors to sometimes gruesome historical scenes. The horror effects create an authentic atmosphere that may frighten children under ten. Children up to 12 are only admitted if accompanied by adults aged 16 or over.

Visitors are guided through the Dungeon in groups of up to around 20 people. The tour through the 11 rooms takes about 80 minutes. This generous amount of time gives the actors performing at the stations plenty of scope to actively involve the visitors in the shows with plenty of humour. The alternating guided tours in English and Dutch are an easy-to-understand experience due to the visual impressions alone. During the high season, a new group starts its historical journey through time approximately every ten minutes.

Fast access without queuing with online tickets

The option of buying tickets online saves you long waiting times. With tickets purchased in advance, you enjoy guaranteed admission. This means you don’t have to wait in a queue at the box office but can embark on your journey through time without having to wait long. Buying tickets in advance is particularly recommended for groups. Thanks to the excellent timing of the guided tours, in some cases, there are no long waiting times, even for spontaneous visitors.

This is especially true on weekdays when fewer tourists are in the city. Unfortunately, there can also be surprises on these days. The guided tours are conducted alternately in easy-to-understand English or Dutch, depending on demand.

Buy Dungeon Online tickets

Entry to the Dungeon with combination tickets

Entry to the Dungeon with combination tickets

You can also choose a combined ticket with a visit to Madame Tussauds. The combined ticket also gives you an inexpensive admission to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on Damplatz, just 300 metres away. Compared to the prices for the individual tickets, this is worthwhile.

Dungeon + Madame TussaudsPrice*Tickets
Adults43.00 €Book Online
Teenagers 3-15 years38.00 €Book Online

Personal memories and souvenirs

Personal memories and souvenirs

For an everlasting and very personal memory of your horror experience, a photo team with digital cameras is ready to take photos of you in front of the spooky backdrops of the shows. The professional team will make sure the pictures are perfectly cropped and edited.

The individual and very presentable souvenir is available for purchase at the photo booth as soon as the last show is over. Other gruesome souvenirs in the museum’s store will also remind you of the Dark Ages.

Directions and location of the Dungeon Amsterdam

The Dungeon is about a five-minute walk from the central Dam Square. From the National Monument east of the square, Rokin Street leads directly to your destination after around 400 metres. If you are travelling by metro or streetcar, you can reach Rokin station from Centraal Station in a few minutes by metro (line 52). Streetcars that stop at Rokin station are lines 4, 14 and 24.

🚗 Drivers from the west first take the A10 ring road and follow it to exit S 112. The S 112 continues into the city centre and to the T-junction, where you turn right into Waterlooplein. A few metres after crossing the Amstel, the street Amstel, which turns right, leads straight into the street Rokin and to the Dungeon. Unfortunately, there is no parking close to the Amsterdam Dungeon.

✅ The nearest parking garage is Q-Park, Beursplein 15, 1012 JW Amsterdam. From there, it is only a 5-minute walk to the Amsterdam Dungeon. Or check out Mobypark.

The Dungeon Amsterdam – An impressive experience

The thematically well-thought-out and well-organised tour impressively conveys the significant critical dates of the dark times in the history of the Dutch capital. The authentic productions communicate the dark side of Amsterdam’s historical image with plenty of black humour, the actors’ high level of acting skill, fantastic backdrops, and elaborate costumes.

The acting talent and quick-wittedness of the main actors in the individual shows contribute to a crazy comedy of situations that quickly makes you forget all the horror. If they like, the visitors are directly involved in the action. The 80-minute tour is entertaining, amusing, and informative from the first minute to the final refreshing drink.

A highlight on your to-do list for Amsterdam

A visit to the Dungeon is a must on the to-do list during a visit to Amsterdam. This applies to couples looking for a scary experience together and families who want to give their children 12 and over a unique history lesson. The tour is fantastic fun for clubs and associations. Not only do visitors experience a fascinating and condensed version of the dark times of history, but they are also actively involved in it.

Based on actual events, many of the stories told in the shows have left their mark on the city and the Netherlands. The very entertaining and amusing visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon gives you background knowledge of the city’s history. It makes you very curious to explore the stories’ locations in their present state.

*All prices stated in this article are subject to change. The current supplier fee always applies.


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