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Visiting Amsterdam in the Spring: The best things to do

Amsterdam in Spring | Geographically, Amsterdam is at the same altitude as London or Berlin. This means it can be very uncomfortable in winter, the days are short, and it rains very often. Sometimes, the canals are even frozen. Temperatures are usually around freezing point under overcast skies. Now it is visiting time for city travellers, who are mainly interested in museum visits. But here, too, the Dutch metropolis can score points. Amsterdam has over 60 museums and, thus, the highest museum density in the world.

In spring, the situation is different; it is the most beautiful season to visit Amsterdam. The leaves on the trees on the canal edges begin to blossom, tourists in a good mood come to the Dutch metropolis from all over the world, and the street cafes open their terraces.

Amsterdam and its surroundings are beautiful in spring. Here, I give you ten tips on what to do this season in the unique canal city in addition to the classic sightseeing!

Tips for travelling by car to parking in Amsteram. The best way to get here is by train to the centrally located Central Station in the centre of the canal city. If you have a longer journey, you can book a flight ticket directly here:

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✅ All further information can be found on the airport transfer page.

A floral spectacle – Tulips bloom everywhere

A floral spectacle - Tulips bloom everywhere

Amsterdam is one of the most exciting destinations for city trips in spring because here, you can find something you can’t find anywhere else. Amsterdam and its surroundings are world famous for their flowers, especially, of course, the tulips. Now is the time to immerse yourself in a sea of colours of flowers and blossoms and be enchanted. Especially impressive are the many flower pots along the canals, which now look even more colourful and magnificent.

It’s the right time to visit the Bloemenmarkt on the Singelgracht. A visit to Amsterdam’s most famous floating flower market is one of the highlights of your trip to the magnificent canal city. Countless plants and flowers are offered on barges, and you can enjoy a firework of bright colours.

Tulips are the passion of the Dutch. There is even a tulip museum in Amsterdam. If you want to know everything about the history and cultivation of the tulip, you should visit here.

Tip: Tulip Museum, Prinsengracht 116, 1015 EA Amsterdam; Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except April 27 and Dec. 25.

But the absolute highlight of the city tour to Amsterdam in spring is the flower bulb spectacle Keukenhof. Located just outside the city, this park is one of the most extensive flower gardens in the world.

The opening hours are different every year. This year, Keukenhof opens its doors from:

March 21 to May 12, 2024

Everything you need to know about this sea of flowers can be found in the Keukenhof section of this blog. If you don’t want to miss the visit during your city trip to Amsterdam, you will find many suggestions for half-day and full-day trips to this unique botanical garden on the Keukenhof entrance fees page. Right here, you can also buy the classic entrance tickets.

Attention: Tickets are sold online only – Online Tickets here

My Tip: Those travelling by car can also combine their visit to Amsterdam with a short trip to Noordwijk aan Zee, one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the Dutch North Sea coast. Keukenhof is just a 15-minute drive away. If the weather cooperates, you can also plan an overnight stay at the Vesperhotel on the beach.

Admire Amsterdam from above: The Amsterdam Lookout

Admire Amsterdam from above: The Amsterdam Lookout

It is now warm enough for a view from the Amsterdam Lookout, a platform over Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it does not go higher than 100 metres. But there is a 360° panoramic view of Amsterdam, the North Sea, and the Dutch Polder landscape. We are talking about the Amsterdam Lookout, visible from afar opposite the Centraal station in Amsterdam.

If you have some time to spare, you can also enjoy the panorama over a drink or snack at the rooftop bar on the 21st floor. The A’DAM Lookout offers not only a great view but also an extraordinary thrill with a unique swing. Read more in the information.

The observation deck is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Last admission is at 21:00. To shorten waiting times at the ticket office and elevator, you can book tickets in advance.

Extra Tip: To experience the Netherlands virtually from above, visit the unique experience world “This is Holland“, next to the Amsterdam Tower.

King’s Day: Party from early in the morning until late at night

King’s Day: Party from early in the morning until late at night

In Cologne, they celebrate Carnival; in Barcelona, the Fiesta de Gracìa, and in Paris, there is the National Day on July 14. In Amsterdam, the big celebration is King’s Day. This is officially the national celebration of the anniversary of the Dutch king. The birthday of King Willem-Alexander is April 27, when Amsterdam goes into a state of emergency.

Orange as far as the eye can see – Many parties are going on all over Amsterdam: many concerts and festivities. You can barely recognize Amsterdam on that day. The canals are full of party boats, and the cityscape is dominated on that day by live music on every street corner and traditional flea markets. This folk festival-like event in the spring should be experienced once!

Essential for tourists is that on King’s Day, many of the most important attractions are open. More on this in my article Easter in Amsterdam, as this year separates the two holidays only about three weeks. The canals are clogged with boats, so the traditional canal trips are NOT bookable for this day.

Note: Arrive by train or plane. Make sure you find accommodation in good time and, if you’re driving, deal with the problem of parking in Amsterdam, because it gets crowded in the canal city!

Amsterdam in spring – Finally, no more rainwear

Amsterdam in spring - Finally, no more rainwear

As described above, winter in Amsterdam can be somewhat uncomfortable. Still, with plenty of indoor attractions, it offers enough options to feel comfortable for a few days in the historic canal city. There is also an article Amsterdam in the rain.

✅ Spring is finally here: with average temperatures of 13° to 15° C, sightseeing and city walks are fun. The sunshine duration of 5 hours per day on average is not much higher, even in summer. With some luck, a lighter T-shirt will suffice in May at 17° C and sunshine. A raincoat or trench coat can stay in the hotel or car for now. Due to the proximity to the North Sea, the weather in Amsterdam is relatively mild but also changeable.

Alternative: For those who are more romantic and want to travel to Italy for Spring, I also have a blog about Venice.

Finally, walking along the canals again

Finally, walking along the canals again

Of course, you can also walk along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam in the winter, but in the spring, it is, of course, a completely different experience! The trees are blooming again, and finally, a little colour comes back into play! If you need to know exactly where to go when the weather is nice, I suggest the Anne Frank House on the magnificent Prinsengracht as a starting point.

From here, it’s just a few metres to the authentic Jordaan neighborhood, the trendy 9 straatjes, or the terrace of the nearest Bruine Café on the canal banks. Here, you can stroll and store all afternoon!

A terrace overlooking the canal is offered by Café de Prins, Prinsengracht 124, and not far away by Café’t Smalle, Egelantiersgracht 12.

Extra Tip: Not on the canals, but in the harbour, so directly on the water is the Hannekes Boom, where you can chill in the sun super. The student pub, with many locals and few tourists, perfectly reflects Amsterdam. Good beer selection and moderate prices. Not far from the Nemo Science Museum, where the free visit to the roof terrace is worthwhile in spring. Hannekes Boom, Dijksgracht 4.

Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam

In spring, it’s fun to feel like a real Amsterdammer on a rental bike. The city is highly bike-friendly, and you get around much faster than by car. The important thing is safety. Every Amsterdammer rides a bike daily, and the city has its own cycling culture.

It is easy to run over a pedestrian or collide with a car in the unusually narrow streets – if you are not careful. If you decide to visit the city in this way, it is best to rent a bicycle for a day. Various rental stations can also be found at this provider.

Better yet: Join a guided tour of the city by bike in the morning or afternoon.

Important Notice: Please only rent a bike if you are familiar with cycling and know how to do it – and not just because it is typically Dutch.

Time for a few festivals and events

Time for a few festivals and events

All over Europe, the festival and event season is starting again! Amsterdam is no exception. One unique event is the Springsnow Festival, which takes place along the city’s canals from April 21 to May 21. The elm, the only tree species along the canals in Amsterdam, sheds its white petals, sparking the “spring snow”. An event that is accompanied on many canal sections by numerous events, such as theatre, music, and film.

🎵 Music Tip: If you’re into electronic dance music, it’s best to note June 4 for the Diynamic Festival, for which you can find all the important info here: www.diynamicfestival.com

Liberation Day on May 5 in Amsterdam

Liberation Day on May 5 in Amsterdam

On May 5, it’s that time again – The Dutch celebrate Liberation Day. This day honours the liberation from German occupation in 1945 and the end of the Second World War. Many activities and events take place to mark the occasion, such as free live performances by local and international bands or DJs. May 5 is celebrated nationwide, and there are the so-called Bevrijdingsfestivals everywhere.

Notice: Since on this day, the city is teeming with visitors, the event does not affect the usual opening hours of Amsterdam’s most famous attractions.

Amsterdam in spring – Perfect for a trip outdoors

Amsterdam in spring - Perfect for a trip outdoors

Spring is perfect for a trip to get to know the surroundings of Amsterdam a little. Relatively unknown, but in the Netherlands, a term is Naarden, on the Gooimeer in the province of North Holland. Located about 20 kilometres southwest of Amsterdam, by train from Amsterdam Centraal, 25 minutes drive to Naarden-Bussum station. From there, 20 minutes walk or bus to the romantic village centre.

Naarden is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Europe. During a day trip, many green spaces and the beautiful town centre with historic buildings, monuments, and churches invite you to walk. There is much to see in this town steeped in history, which, from the 15th to 17th centuries, had extensive fishing rights and a flourishing textile industry.

Extra: Naarden, with its Dutch flair, is a perfect place for a day trip from Amsterdam. If you have enough time to rent a bike on-site, and explore the surroundings for a few hours.

Another tip: Stop by the FloriWorld experience, a spectacular flower garden south of Amsterdam. Details on the ticket provider’s page.

Address: Sierteeltstraat 1, 1431 GM Aalsmeer

Infos: Tickets for FloriWorld

The Vondelpark: A picnic in the city park of Amsterdam

The Vondelpark: A picnic in the city park of Amsterdam

The Vondelpark is very popular with the people of Amsterdam. Here, people meet, whether old or young, and occasionally organise a picnic. When the flowers start to bloom here in spring, there is always something going on.

The park is located right next to the Museumplein. It is a great place to relax or enjoy the first warm rays of the sun while taking a walk during or after visiting the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, or the Contemporary Municipal Museum. Also here you can rent a bike.

Very popular: Every year from May, the Vondelpark Open Air Theater – Here is laughing and, every day, there are animation, plays, or music concerts! The open-air performances on the idyllically located park stage offer everything from modern dance, children’s performances, and cabaret to Dutch and international music of all styles.

Amsterdam in spring – Do not forget

The diversity of its attractions, the pleasant spring weather, and especially the spectacular event of the tulip blossom make Amsterdam a significant destination for city travellers from all over the world in the months from March to June. In this context, be sure to read all about the waiting times in Amsterdam. If you don’t just want to stroll around the canal belt, go shopping, or sit in a café, you are strongly advised to purchase online tickets in advance for many sights, museums, and attractions.

Drivers can find parking in Parking in Amsterdam.


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